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Planning To Start Visits To Your Farm

If you are new to hosting visits from schoolchildren, you will have lots of questions. Don’t be daunted! You will find here an easy to follow step by step approach covering everything from health and safety to activity ideas.
All of this information and more is covered in greater depth in the Countryside Education Visits Accreditation Scheme (CEVAS) offered by Access To Farms. We thoroughly recommend you consider taking this course.

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What type of visit?

Depending on the size and type of farm you have, the facilities available, and your own expertise, there are many types of visit you could offer.

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Getting equipped

To ensure your visitors have a safe, enjoyable and educationally worthwhile experience, you may need to make some changes around the farm.

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You need sufficient people to support teachers and adult helpers during the visit, in particular for proper supervision of animal contact. Be aware of child protection issues, and check the requirements of visiting schools. You should have a safeguarding policy in place and ensure you are not left alone with children.

You need appropriate training for everyone working with the visitors. We recommend every farm opening for visits has a person in place who is CEVAS accredited.

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Working out the finances

You need to decide how much to invest in hosting school visits, whether or not to charge for them and whether you are able to apply for any financial support.

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Spreading the word

The best way to attract schools to your farm is to approach them directly with professional-looking communications.

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Preparing for your visit

In addition to preparing your farm, and undertaking any training, good planning and administration will help everything run smoothly.

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On the day

Complete any final preparations such as opening gates, cordoning off no-go areas or moving vehicles.

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Moving On

Once you have accomplished a few successful visits you can explore ways to expand and develop what you are able to offer. Here are some ideas:

Building on your success

Following up

Forming a lasting relationship

Sustainable relationships with schools ensure that you get repeat visits and also lead to good word-of-mouth recommendations.

Encouraging more visits

Increasing engagement

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