Why Farming Matters

Using the picture cards

Teachers will find a wide variety of ways to use the picture cards according to their pupils' ages, abilities and specific interests. There are some hints and tips for teachers below.

Refers to page 7 in the booklet

Using picture set 1: Farming landscapes

Picture Cards Set

  1. Children will use age appropriate vocabulary so younger pupils may opt for simple adjectives such as green and pretty whereas older children might select spacious and attractive
    Try to introduce new vocabulary such as pasture, arable, managed, varied, verdant
  2. Some examples might include dry stone walls, buildings/shelters, tracks, hedges, crops, solar panels, wildflower margins
  3. Hedges, dry stone walls, tree belts, fences

If children have not experienced a country walk or they need their imaginations stimulating, there are many videos available on the internet e.g.

Better still, of course, if you can arrange to take them on a walk in a rural or semi-rural environment!

Refers to page 8 of the booklet

Using picture set two: Sheep farming

Picture Cards Set 2

Use the poster 'A Year on the farm' and identify the activities that take place during the sheep farmer's year.
Download the poster here.

Using picture set three: Crop farming

Picture Cards Set 3

How might climate change affect what is grown and where?

Teachers’ information - examples of weblinks on climate change and crops:

How climate change is a threat to food supplies


Climate change Exploring Fact sheet - learn more about changes in our climate and how these might impact on what we grow

NFU believes agriculture is vulnerable to climate change but there are opportunities too.