Teachers - Why?

Children of all ages can benefit enormously from visiting a working farm. From providing a stimulating, hands-on experience for Early Years right through to a practical demonstration of some career options for post 16s, there is something for all ages and abilities. Getting children out into the countryside also has wider community benefits. Overall, a farm visit can:

  • provide a stimulating and versatile outdoor classroom
  • support the curriculum with engaging activities before, during and after a visit
  • contribute to developing children's social and personal skills
  • create interest and motivation that can be carried back to classroom activities
  • help children understand where their food comes from
  • teach children in a direct, hands-on way about may important topics including nutrition, animal welfare, sustainability and conservation
  • allow for physical exercise
  • increase children's appreciation and understanding of the natural environment
  • give children first-hand experience of farming and the countryside
  • show children the importance of good husbandry
  • introduce children to some of the issues aound agriculture and rural affairs
  • raise awareness of careers available in the countryside
  • provide an opportunity for children to meet people from different backgrounds
  • allow children to understand risk and how to manage it
  • provide teachers with an opportunity for professional development by gaining farming and countryside knowledge, and experience of outdoor education