Farm-linked activities for KS2 Geography

KS2 Geography activities that can be carried out before, during or after a farm visit.

Curriculum area: Locational Knowledge


  • Map the farm.
  • Use a map of the farm to plot land use.
  • Compare the land use on two different farms.
  • Use an outline map to locate different parts of the farm they have visited.
  • Design a code for a map of the farm.
  • Use co-ordinates to give references for the farms in an area.
  • Design a route around the farm for a wheelchair user.
  • Use a road map to plot the route from school to the farm.
  • Take measurements of speeds and temperatures in different parts of the farm.

Curriculum area: Place Knowledge


  • Choose a local farm and a farm in a contrasting part of the world. Locate both farms in an atlas, or on a world map or globe. Use the internet to find out information about the contrasting country.
  • Compare: Weather patterns; Features of land; Land use; Seasonal changes; Crops; Animals; Where goods are supplied to; Buildings and machinery; Workers; Main features of surrounding areas; Income; Water systems; Steps taken to improve the environment.
  • Make a dial for each country to show the seasons and the corresponding jobs on the farm.
  • Compare a farm with the school locality and look at: Land use; Jobs; Population; Schools; Shops; Geographical features. 

Resource needed:

  • Internet access

Curriculum area: Themes to Use


  • Follow the journey of different produce from its origins to the end product and make a flow chart to show the route of products to the consumer.
  • Discuss access to farm land by the public. Do people have a right to roam?
  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of organic and traditional methods of farming.