Farm-linked activities for KS2 Design and Technology

KS2 Design and Technology activities that can be carried out before, during or after a farm visit.

Curriculum area: Knowledge and understanding of materials and components


Stages for extended projects:

Brainstorm, activating children's prior knowledge. What is the item for? What might happen without it? What will the limits be of what it can do?

  1. Provide a range of materials. Allow children to investigate the materials. Discuss
    which might be suitable.
  2. Draw or model design ideas.
  3. Look at each other's designs in a small group and discuss possible strengths and weaknesses. Make adjustments.
  4. Suggest necessary tools.
  5. Mark out and cut the parts and assemble.
  6. Choose a method of finishing.
  7. Test and evaluate.

Ideas for projects:

  • Design and make a seed dispenser that drops only one seed at a time.
  • Design and make a scarecrow that moves. Include a circuit with a buzzer, motor or bulbs lighting up.
  • Design and make a potato grader.
  • Design and make a hen house with an egg-catching device and comfort for the chickens.
  • Design and make a humane slug trap.
  • Design and make a humane mousetrap.
  • Design and make a farm vehicle using an axle.

Resources needed:

Basic resources include:

  • A range of paper and card
  • Boxes
  • Material, cotton wool, wool
  • Wooden doweling
  • Plastic bottles, bottle tops
  • Wire, string
  • Paper fasteners, glue, sellotape, staplers etc

Specific resources, depending on project, include:

  • Selection of larger seeds such as beans
  • Wire, batteries, buzzer, bulbs, motor
  • Selection of potatoes
  • Eggs
  • Cotton reels or bottle tops for wheels
  • Junk boxes