Farm-linked activities for KS1 Art

Art activities that can be carried out before, during or after a farm visit.

An extended project on hens and cockerels that could occupy half a term, plus a selection of other ideas

Curriculum area: Exploring Ideas and Recording Experiences


  • Use observational windows to allow children to look at close-up sections in detail.
  • Record patterns of feathers, shapes of beaks, claws etc. Use different tools - charcoal, pencils, repeat recording of patterns.
  • Collect different textures from around the farm.
  • Make experimental collage - trying out the different effects of prinys and rubbing.
  • Create an outdoor sculpture using natural materials and hang from a tree.
  • Make collage of hen (large, using textured papers). Emphasise feather pattern, shape, claws, texture. 
  • Use willow to create a sculpture inspired by the farm.
  • This extended project can be used for other animals or birds on the farm. Or  use different media and techniques eg experimenting with sheep - recording, sketching, textiles, collage. Let the project extend over several sessions.
  • Make a series of seasonal collages using grasses, seeds, wool and other items found in farm environments at that time of year. Use as a visual representation of the change in seasons.
  • Mixing paints. Give children a grid of fields. Children mix a different shade of green to paint each field.

Resources needed:

  • Hens and cockerels
  • Photos of hens and cockerels
  • Observational windows made from card
  • Charcoal, pencils of different softness
  • Natural materials, glue, scissors, string
  • Printing ink, rollers
  • Collection of items from countryside and farms
  • Stiff paper, glue, scissors

Curriculum area: Knowledge and understanding


  • Look at different artists' representations of hens (greetings cards, postcards, pictures in books, etc).
  • Look at art from the past representing rural and farming life eg Constable, Van Gogh.
  • Visit a local art gallery or invite a local environmental artist to visit the school
  • Look at environmental artists like Andy Golkdsworthy and Kim Creswell

Resources needed:

  • Greetings cards, art postcards, wrapping paper with hens on it.
  • Works of art relating to rural life.

Art books, art postcards, poster shops, library books are good sources.