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The best way to attract schools to your farm is to approach them directly with professional-looking communications. You can also attract interest through your local media. Here are some ideas to help:

Contacting schools

  • Make use of any personal contacts you have with people involved with local schools as teachers, support staff, parents or governors. Failing that, just start with your nearest school.
  • Adapt these templates for a letter to the school, advertising posters and a press release .
  • If you have the computer skills, produce a simple e-flyer in pdf format which keeps the file size small but allows you to include photos of your farm, ideally featuring children
  • To find lists of schools in your area contact your local education authority or visit, or
  • Aim to send/email your letter to the School Visits Coordinator but consider others such as teachers, governors, parents or parent teacher associations.
  • Avoid contacting schools close to the start and end of terms or during exam weeks – your local education authority website or individual school websites will have the dates.
  • Keep a database of contacts and track their responses.

General publicity