Getting started

Preparing for your visit

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In addition to preparing your farm, and undertaking any training, good planning and adminstration will help everything run smoothly.

Working with the school

  • When a school contacts you about a visit, get back to them as soon as you can and finalise a date. Send a booking form outlining what is available, and any charges, then confirm with a timetable so teachers know what to expect.
  • Most schools will want to send a whole class of 25 or 30 children so agree with the school how they will be divided up for different activities and how many helpers will be needed.
  • It is good practice to invite the teacher in charge of the visit, and their helpers, to a pre-visit. You can show them where everything is, go through your risk assessment and run through what will happen on the day, including bad weather arrangements.
  • Make sure schools are briefed with any information the children will need, and items to bring with them such as wellies, warm clothes, gloves and waterproofs, or sunhats and sunscreen according to the season.
  • Provide teachers with an information pack about your farm, your educational facilities and the activities you can provide. This could include a map and a few facts and figures that the teacher can use in advance. See Preparing an education pack for ideas.

Getting organised