Building on your success

Adding to your range of visits

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Once you have accomplished a few successful visits you can explore ways to expand and develop what you are able to offer. Here are some ideas for new audiences:

  • different age groups. It is more difficult to attract older children as more teachers have to be involved, but secondary schools can be interested in cross-curricular days, or visits tailored to specific subjects such as countryside management, or science fieldwork. The secondary curriculum is divided into Key Stage 3 Years 7, 8 & 9 aged 11-14 and Key Stage 4 Years 10 & 11 aged 14-16.
  • children with special needs – this may include physical disabilities, learning difficulties or emotional and behavioral issues. Access for all will help you get started.
  • care farming which, in addition to its social value, can attract funding. Visit the Care Farming UK website.
  • craft sessions, many of which can take place indoors or out. See Christmas rural crafts, Rural crafts and Summer crafts
  • other outdoor activities such as camping, adventure, woodland experiences. These could allow you to make additional charges
  • themed activities – for example tied in to historical events, anniversaries or heritage. See Hands-on history and Tudor farming day for ideas.
  • tailor-made elements to suit individual schools
  • an Open Farm Sunday event to raise your profile and showcase what you have to offer
  • teaming up with another local site such as a nature reserve to offer joint visits. These may be owned by local community groups, or try the Wildlife Trusts, RSPB, National Trust, Forestry Commission or Natural England
  • additional attractions such as trailer rides, pond dipping bush craft or animal rides