Making your farm visit a success

Making the day a success

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  • A day or two before, check the transport arrangements, ask the farm about any last minute changes, and prepare everything you need for the day such as worksheets, clipboards, first aid kit, contact details for all the childen, spare wellies etc.
  • On arrival, check any last minute changes with the farmer, and confirm contact phone numbers and emergency procedures.
  • Together with the farmer remind the children about behaviour, safety and hygiene rules for the day.
  • Although the farm should have contingency plans for wet weather, have a few indoor activities prepared just in case. Wet weather activities has lots of ideas.
  • Some short activities can also be useful to fill unexpected gaps such as when one group has to wait for another. Quick activities has useful suggestions.
  • Don't worry if everything does not go entirely to plan, it's all a learning experience for the children.
  • Make sure you let the farmer know how the day went for you and return their evaluation form if they provide one