Farm-linked resources for KS1 Computing

KS1 computing activities that can be carried out before, during or after a farm visit.

Curriculum area: Are responsible, confident, competent, and creative users of information and communication technology.


  • Recording Images: record aspects of a farm visit.
  • Audio recording: record comments, interviews, accounts of a farm visit.


  • Sorting program: use computer to sort farm animals into categories by size, by food etc.
  • Graphing programs: graphs of animals, those seen etc. How many different ways can the information be represented - pictogram, pie chart etc.
  • Database: make a fact file about the farm, its crops, its animals.
  • Search Function: Can you use the search engines to research and animal or specific food chain?
  • Things to look for on a farm visit: spot machinery that is controlled by the farmer, e.g. raising and lowering a plough from the tractor cab, milking machines, grain driers, feed hoppers.
  • Programmable toys and robots: make a large farm floor map or mark out a floor area with obstacles. Attach several pens to the toy so that, as it moves over the map, the marks left 'plough' the field. Is there a sequence of instructions that will plough the whole field without going over existing tracks?
  • Presentation: create a 'Pressi' of the farm to illustrate to others what there is to see.
  • Farm simulation program: explore a farm on the computer.


  • Art program: draw favourite animals, paint different textures and patterns. Combine them to make a farm-animal collage.
  • Clip Art: design a border for creative writing about a farm visit. Music program: compose a tune or song about a farm animal.

Resources needed:

  • This section concentrates mainly on 'open-ended' software and equipment that may be used in a variety of topics and curriculum areas. Much of it will be readily available in most schools.
  • Invite a dairy farmer to speak to your children in school.