Farm-linked activities for KS2 Music

KS2 Music activities that can be carried out before, during or after a school visit.

Two half-term projects, both of which cover several curriculum areas.

Curriculum areas: Play and perform in different contexts, compose music, appraising skills, listening skills, using musical notation


Musical story

  • Let the children work in groups.
  • Give an account of their farm visit.
  • Select an instrument for each main element of the story (or use each instrument more than
    once but in a different way).
  • Compose a rhythm or tune which will represent each part, animal seen, funny moment.
  • Now move away from the order of events and experiment with combining the different sounds and decide on an order, repeating some elements throughout the piece.
  • Decide on a way to begin and end the piece.
  • Make up a simple notation for each part.
  • Write out the structure of the piece using the notation.
  • Practice and perform.


  • Write a rap using a well- known farm nursery rhyme such as Old McDonald:
  • Establish a pulse and rhythm if it doesn't have one (or change the original rhythm).
  • Say the rhyme or song in time with the rhythm.
  • Change rhythm and repeat.
  • Keeping rhythm going as an interlude between lines.
  • Repeat the lines, repeat the words.
  • Add another contrasting rhythm.
  • Put in a beginning and end.
  • Add in new words.
  • Improvise using gaps, repeated words, sudden silences, an ostinato (repeating accompaniment) of words underneath.
  • Experiment with a pulsating ostinato underpinning the rap.
  • Record the rap and listen to it.
  • Rehearse and perform

Resources needed:

For the musical story:

  • A variety of percussion instruments.
  • At least one tuned instrument per group

For the rap:

  • A collection of nursery rhymes with a farm basis