Farm-linked activities for KS1 Geography

KS1 Geography activities that can be carried out before, during or after a farm visit.

Curriculum area: Geographical skills


  • Draw own map of farm.
  • Make layout of farm - provide ready-cut/scaled coloured paper to represent buildings for children to place and arrange in plan of farm.
  • Draw route to farm as remembered.
  • Record route to farm on tape as remembered.
  • Use map of farm with simple paths - give directions to a friend - up, down, sideways, left, right, NSEW. Friend moves tractor/animals along paths to destination.

Resources needed:

  • Simple plans of farms
  • Different coloured papers cut to size to represent different elements of farm
  • Tape recorder
  • Map of farm with simple paths
  • Direction card prompt

Curriculum area: Places


  • Compare map of local area with farm area - colour all the planted areas green; what do they observe? Colour buildings brown etc.
  • Map of farm - colour crops/animal areas differently.
  • Compare two different farms.
  • Differences between town/country (could also be between two different types of farms) using tick sheet. 
fields Y N
parks N Y


 N  Y

 tall buildings

 N  Y
 farm animals  Y  N
  • Compare farming from another country
  • Identify land on farm map/picture - colour red everywhere animals live; colour green everywhere crops grow; colour brown fences etc.
  • Use of buildings/land - is it for crops, animals, people; use big plan of farm, place pictures of people/animals in appropriate places.
  • Seasons: make a year dial for the seasons; add things which happen on the farm, eg spring - lambs born, autumn - harvest, winter - animals inside.
  • Weather: design or match clothes for the farmer for different seasons.
  • Jobs on farm: make a list; what needs doing; who do you need?
  • Make an advertisement for a farm job.
  • Make a wanted poster for a farm job.

Resources needed:

  • Simple plan of local area
  • Plan of farm area
  • Worksheet with grid as shown
  • Photos/pictures of farming in different countries
  • Plan view or picture of farm
  • Large floor plan of farm, class- or teacher-made
  • Square and smaller circle of card with ¼ cut out of circle and a paper fastener
  • Worksheet outlines of farmer

Curriculum area: Thematic study


  • Likes and dislikes about town/farm - children fill in worksheet to show their likes and dislikes




Resources needed:

  • Prepare appropriate worksheet