Farm-linked activities for KS1 Design and Technology

KS1 Design and Technology activities that can be carried out before, during or after a farm visit

Technical Knowledge


  • Examine toy version of farm cart or tractor. Can you identify levers, sliders, wheels and axles?
  • Make own frame, axle and wheels having seen toy version.
  • Look at the building shapes around the farm. Can you make a "mock up" and test the shape of the designs?

Resources needed:

  • Toy farm vehicles
  • Appropriate reclaimed resources
  • Pictures of different farm buildings
  • Dowelling, Art straws, cardboard, wood

Design, make and evaluate

Activity: Design, make and evaluate a bird scarer

An example of a half-term, or extended, project

  1. Brainstorm - why do we need to scare birds, how have they scared birds, what happens when they run up to pigeons?
  2. Discuss different ways of scaring eg movement, sound, protecting things from birds.
  3. Provide some materials - let them discuss/feel/fold; which materials could be used? What would they be used for?
  4. Design own bird scarer drawing ideas individually or in pairs; ask the children what to do next at each stage.
  5. Look at a group of designs together. Ask them to explain how it will work. Can others make suggestions?
  6. Provide the selection of materials shown at design stage and others children have identified.
  7. Make parts ready for assembling. Ask them do they fit? Were the materials easy to cut? What else could they use if they were experiencing difficulties?
  8. Demonstrate some ways to join materials - glue, sellotape, using paper hinges.
  9. Provide materials for finishing.
  10. Discuss own bird scarers - try out in playground; what happens? can other children suggest ways to improve?

Resources needed:

  • Sticks, bottle tops, string, net, material strips etc
  • Range of paper, card, string, corrugated and ordinary cardboard/tubes
  • Foil, bottle tops. old cassette tape, jar lids,brightly coloured paper, old CDs
  • Paper fasteners, glue, sellotape etc

Activities: Other projects to design and make using the same process

  • egg carrier
  • seed dispenser
  • shelter for an animal
  • feeder/waterer for animals
  • milk carton and logo and adverts
  • junk model farms- use this to teach different joining techniques eg paper hinges