Preparing an education pack

Guidance on compiling useful information for teachers about your farm.It is useful to prepare an education pack for your farm. 

This will help with marketing your facility and will prove valuable for teachers planning their visit. A good pack will address issues before, during and after a visit.

Before the visit

Farm contact details:

  • Address
  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Website if available

Facilities you can offer:

  • Toilets, Café, Shop
  • Places to visit on site
  • Resources e.g. wellington boots, clipboards
  • School room
  • Education officer/farm guide
  • Wet weather provision
  • Picnicking area

Health and Safety matters:

  • Instructions to teachers
  • Risk assessment
  • HSE Information


  • Location map and directions
  • Setting down and parking
  • Registration
  • Meeting place and times

Help with planning:

  • Farm profile - history, animals, crops, inputs, outputs, work done
  • List of activities on offer
  • Links to curriculum
  • What you need to bring


  • Make sure your pricing policy is clear.
  • Does the school pay in advance or on the day?
  • Do you invoice the school?
  • Does the school pay only for the number of children attending on the day of the visit?
  • How many adults do you allow free of charge?
  • Do you operate a shop at which pocket-money items can be bought if the school wishes?
    (Do ask the teacher about this and build time into the programme when a visit to the shop is to be included.)

Pre-visit activities

Teachers may like some suggestions for activities with the children before their visit. These could

  • Health and safety on the farm
  • Countryside Code
  • Other topics such as 'Where does my food come from?', 'The seasons' and 'Jobs in the countryside'

During the visit

Help with orientation, plans/maps of the farm

List of activities such as Farm trail, Feeding time, Ask the farmer.

After the visit

Suggest follow up activities based on what the children have seen and done.

  • Provide a contact list for further research and a resource list.
  • Create a “word bank” or glossary of words relevant to your farm.
  • Prepare an evaluation sheet.

Booking form

Include a form for completion. Teachers will need to ring to find out availability before sending in their booking form.

Enclose details of your cancellation policy! The form should include day, date and time of visit, name of teacher, name, address and phone number of the school, number and ages of children, number of adults and price to be paid.

Make sure the pack shows that visits aim to be fun for everyone—children, teachers and farm staff!