Ramsbury Farm and Furze Platt Secondary School

Hazel and her team at Ramsbury estates, nestled in the Kennet valley, were delighted to host 30 GCSE Food and Nutrition students from Furze Platt Secondary School in Maidenhead. This was the school's first trip to a real working farm of this scale and students were treated to a packed itinerary which saw learners exploring the estates 9000 acre in house farming and diversification operation comprising of brewery, commercial and amenity woodland and 7,000 acres of arable fields.


Students were treated to a cookery lesson by the chefs from The Bell at Ramsbury which is a freehouse, hotel and restaurant located on the estate. Staff used fresh ingredients such as rapeseed oil sourced directly from the farm and students were delighted to learn how to make mayonnaise and a honey and mustard dressing which they could then taste alongside freshly made chicken and pheasant nuggets. One of the students Jack said, "I have never tasted pheasant before and I am surprised how much I liked it!" Another student Anya said, "it's amazing that they are taking the time to teach young people about the produce available on farms like this and it is interesting being able to taste chicken and game nuggets with homemade sauces."

The children were then taken on a tractor and trailer ride out to the fields to see where the estates heard of South Devon pedigree cattle are kept and given the opportunity to feed the farms many free-range pigs.

Teachers could clearly see how much the children were gaining from this visit with students like Jack saying, "it has definitely opened my eyes to a career in food!"

Sarah Crisford the lead teacher said "The students had a great learning day, with so many points being covered. This sort of interactive learning is a teachers dream, and something we can refer back to time and time again"

Hazel Keen who is the education coordinator at Ramsbury said how pleased the team were to be linked up with a secondary school and explained how they really want to help inspire the next generation of farmers. Elizabeth Lake REC said "LEAF Education are so pleased to have helped this fantastic farm to link up with Furze Platt school and for the children to have come away so enthused! It is vital that young people are given opportunities like this so that they can not only learn about where their food comes from but also the range of careers available in food, farming and the countryside."